Artist Reception

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Doors open at 6PM

Over 50 artists from an open call will display paintings and sculpture inside the newly transformed Bank building. Some of the featured work includes life size ceramic sculpture, large scale art made from US currency, bronze, fiber, and as always a few surprises.

The bank vault will be open for you to explore. Artist Betsy Streeter is making some changes from our initial opening and there is always something new as visitors leave notes and objects, and move things around.

Beth Waldman
Brandin Baron
Brenda York
Bushra Gil
Carol Jenkins
Carolyn Guerra
Christina Spann
Chuck Potter
Diane Williams
Daniel Klapprott
Dave Manousos
Deborah Benioff Friedman
Donna Arganbright
Eileen Starr Moderbacher
Elena Zolotnitsky
Emil Yanos
Fionnuala Bhreathnach

Michelle Fillmore
Geoffrey Meredith
Irene Nelson
Jamie Treacy
Jane Yuen Corich
Jennifer Lothrigel
Jennifer Wolpert
Jill Landau
Jimmy Shier
Joani Share
John Poole
John Terlip
Joy Broom
Judy Miller
Julia Albo

Julia McLeod
Karen Badan Thapa
Karen Barry
Katy Kuhn
Keith Wilson
Laura Hapka
Liana Steinmetz
Lynn Glenn
Marc Ellen Hamel
Margie Caldwell Gill
Meredith Levendowski
Michael Slack
Pamela Fletcher
Pat Moseuk

Patty Taylor
Patricia Leeds
Paula Valenzuela
Robert Anke
Rocco Grassano
Samantha McNally
Stela Mandel
Susan Richardson
Suzanne Long
Theresa Giammettei
Tina Rath

Valerie Corvin

Susan Erickson

and by invitation: Ray Beldner

JPG@The Bank is located in Lafayette, CA

3525 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Corner of Mt. Diablo and Moraga Rd. Park in the back of building and in adjacent lots all around the location. Lafayette has a multitude of restaurants and cafes around the site of the pop-up. Plan an evening and come out for this unique art experience.

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