Saturday, April 13th

Come for any portion of the event!

6-7PM: Poetry writing workshop
7-9PM: Poetry slam + live music from Fat Lizzy

For ages 13+
Tickets $20 at the door or in advance

Put your name on the list to read your work. (Priority will be given to those in the writing workshop 6-7)

3525 Mt. Diablo Blvd.

Lafayette, CA

1 Ticket = 20.00

All proceeds benefit Brighter Day “Uniting Depression and Stress Resources With Teens”


A few months ago, high schooler Anne Thiselton-Dyn proposed an idea of a youth poetry event. She offered her services as an intern at JPG@The Bank to help with our project and we moved forward by placing the date on the calendar. Elizabeth Perlman of the Intuitive Writing Project, is leading the event with an option to join the writing workshop prior to the event.

Led by Elizabeth Perlman, the pre-slam writer’s workshop will help students generate material if they need to. And the experience of working with Elizabeth is hugely valuable for writers and non-writers.

Excerpt from the Intuitive Writing Project

At the Intuitive Writing Project, we lead writing-based empowerment programs for teenage girls, supporting girls to assert their voice and know its value. We believe in the revolutionary power of speaking your truth. We believe that this kind of girl-focused writing community is the antidote all to the cultural and social pressures currently bombarding our girls. Most of all, we believe in providing a safe space for girls to tell their story, discover their strengths, and realize their capacity as leaders.

Whether you’re preparing for the college application process or life in general, the secret is the same. As the Greeks once inscribed over the Temple of Delphi, “Know yourself.” As girls write, they develop self-knowledge—a deep-rooted understanding of what they think, feel, and need, their unique values, interests, talents, strengths and aspirations. Self-knowledge is the foundation girls need to assert their voice and remain resilient, to rise up as leaders—and to keep rising.

​It is through the rational and emotive process of writing that we cultivate clarity and confidence. The more girls write, the more they discover who they are, what makes them exceptional, and how they want to use their voice as leaders, to speak up and change the world.

​When girls come together to tell their stories, it changes the story of the world. Together we can change the world—one girl, one voice, one story at a time.

​“I love everything about it…It is the best night of my week, every week. Nothing even comes close to the amazing feeling of getting in touch with your intuition and learning how powerful you really are. It’s an amazing experience, and I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” —TIWP student, age 15

The punk rock band, Fat Lizzy, is led by the son of a friend and fellow artist, Betsy Streeter (go see the vault at the bank).​

Our offer to benefit A Brighter Day was as easy a connection as it gets. When you meet Elliot Kallen, your heart says “Yes”. Yes, do what you can to share these ideas with more people. Check out their story here: A Brighter Day.