Artist Reception: May 2, 6PM

JPG@TheBank: 3525 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette, CA

Exhibiting May 2 Through May 19

Once upon a time artists were architects, and architects were artists. Today, the disciplines of art and architecture have parted company.

For many architects, there remains an attachment to the ideal of being an artist.

What do architects make without a client?
What do architects produce without a budget and timeline?
And what do architects create without permission?

Without A Permit explores how making art contributes to local architects’ practices, and how their training informs their art. – Carol Reif, Curator/architect

Many thanks to my architectural colleagues for sharing other talents:
Joe Bologna
Lara Dutto
Stephen Elbert
Bill Glass
Judith Greif
Laura Hartman
Randolph Langenbach
Allen Lowry
Heidi Richardson
Timothy Ward

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery at the Bank (JPG@The Bank) is an off shoot of Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery in Lafayette, CA. For 6 months JPG has taken over an old (Wells Fargo) bank building. Hosting multiple art exhibits, talks, workshops, and concerts, this venue has truly transformed the empty storefront.

Address JPG@The Bank 3525 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette, CA