Celebration Oct. 5, 5PM-7PM

JPG@The Bank Pop-up Art Gallery

3525 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette, CA

Artist and Architect, Placemaker, and Community Activator, Lara Dutto, will lead a community mural for the outside of JPG@The Bank. The mural will be installed inside the abandoned ATM Niche on Moraga Rd. Transforming this eye sore into a beautiful scene for the heavily trafficked Moraga Rd.

Dutto has gathered several local teens, to create the mural off-site and install it over a 3 day period. While on-site at the pop-up, they will incorporate and put the final touches on the installation.

“Our intention is to create something high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and appropriate to its surroundings. The process will be meaningful way to collectively inquire and connect with our sense of place here in Lafayette.”  Lara Dutto

Lara Dutto explains her plans for the mural

Village Associates, a local realty company is underwriting the entire budget for the project. They felt it was a strong way to convey their support of community and local business in Lafayette.

Please join us for the celebration and to hear from the crew about the process and workshop for the mural. October 5, 5-7pm


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