“Unknown Key Evolving: Vault Of Curiosities” installation by Joy Broom and Betsy Streeter”

Installation by Joy Broom and Betsy Streeter”

The vault is evolving and growing into a huge, curious, natural, and un-natural place. Bugs and plants are taking over as well as drawings of animals dressed as people. Come check it out!

No children under 12 unless accompanied by an adult.

Betsy Streeter

Betsy is a cartoonist, illustrator and artist with background in film production, software, design, and video games. Her work tends toward fantasy, social satire, and unusual animals dressed as Oscar Wilde or in period fashions. One of her cartoons travels with the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory’s exhibit on black holes, and if you look really closely another one is taped to the cabinet in Paul Giamatti’s character’s office in the feature film, San Andreas. She’s written three scifi/fantasy novels and illustrated serial stories about misfit humans living on a terraformed Neptune. She has inadvertently designed at least one tattoo and her work has appeared in fine magazines, books, textbooks, and refrigerator doors around the world. Most recently she created the artwork for Sammy Warm Hands’ album, Figures of Speech, and for promotion for Karen Wickre’s book, Taking The Work Out Of Networking. She is currently illustrating a history of the bicycle with Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works.

Joy Broom

I’m interested in layering, in terms of images, materials and concept. Elements of nature have always been present in my work: seeds, cells, veins, trees, organs, insects and whorls of energy itself. The work combines for me the beauty of biology with the symmetrical order of icons and altarpieces. I use purified beeswax as a skin, to bind, protect, and ritualize.

I’ve evolved from using specific personal symbols representing my family to combining my drawings with actual bits and pieces of old family letters and photographs. This exploration has become an expanded personal biology, literally representing my own history.

It is my intent that this work has wider historical implications, going beyond the strictly personal to reflect a broader natural universe.