Published October 16th, 2019
Art about the community, by the community
Lara Dutto poses with some of the young artists responsible for the mural. Photo Pippa Fisher

A new, colorful and eye-catching mural is now gracing the old ATM niche on the side of the Jennifer Perlmutter popup gallery at the corner of Mt. Diablo Boulevard and Moraga Road. And it truly belongs to the community.
 Inspired and led by local architect and artist Lara Dutto, the mural installed on plywood board was unveiled Oct. 5 at a well-attended reception to celebrate the teens that worked on it.
 Dutto explained how she got a group of more than a dozen local kids of different ages together to create the mural. During four workshops they talked about scale and about how they perceive Lamorinda. She challenged the students to come back with images and poetry, asking them what they thought was the best of the area. With comments on the beauty of the hills, trees and wildlife and how people take care of one another and feel safe, and what they value in the community, they set to work on the mural. Dutto says the mural also depicts their wishes and ideas for moving forward. “And there are secrets,” she said, encouraging everyone to enjoy the mural.
 Village Associates underwrote the project. Perlmutter appreciates the support: “They felt it was a strong way to convey their support of community and local business in Lafayette.”
 Crediting the thinking from urban planners, and Perlmutter as an amazing businesswoman, Dutto observed, “People come out for art.”

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