Sculptor Deborah Benioff Friedman and Tom Russell.

Suspended Dialogue
This collection of mobiles, made collaboratively with my husband, Tom Russell, reflects our belief in the power of art as a means of wordless communication. The work is about re-animation …. restoring life where it once was and exposing the history written in every artifact …. watching these stories weave together and then move apart again as they float through space …. finding lightness and beauty in the chaotic process of growth and decay. The assemblies are made of wire and paper, string and cardboard, beads and bits of rusted metal detritus such as springs, nails, and screws. Some of the parts are dipped in abaca pulp which allows the rust to bleed through the sinewy skin that forms. Some are dyed with tea. Some are hand sewn. All are hung by threads and wire and carefully balanced so they move gracefully and unimpeded, stirred by air currents in the surrounding space. We invite you to look closely, even watching the shadows at play on the walls. Each mobile is a tiny constellation, now with a story of its own, suspended for the time being so that we can listen in. – Deborah Benioff Friedman
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Photography: Lia Roozendaal
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