We can push the pause button. No other time in our lives have we had such permission to stop some of the things that we were doing automatically and discover new ways to be in the world.

Take the time to ask what matters, AND take the time to listen for the answer.

As a business owner, I’m used to moving and responding very quickly. Identify the need, core values, create, innovate, and go! It’s also my approach in the studio, make mistakes, correct them quickly, name the problem, create solutions. Pause button is in full use now and I’m listening.

Luckily, I’m surrounded by awesome people on my JPG team and in my personal life to help on so many levels. The right people generate positivity. Yes, we need to “generate” it. The news is terrifying and the loss is immense. We can share the yuck of what this brings up, and generate hope. And if it’s not bringing up “yuck” for you, then I’ll have what you’re having! Although, I have never turned away from an opportunity to grow. One way through this disease and destruction is to ask, how can this make us stronger? There are days when I don’t feel like asking the question. But it never goes away and eventually the stories of victory will outweigh the stories of destruction.

The shape of the art world

Many people are asking, “What is next for the art world?” Good question! I have some ideas. What a great time to be an artist! Or even a business owner, or sales person! Heck, is this a great time to be alive or what!? Don’t answer that.

After 25 years in the arts, 6 of which I spent running a gallery in Lafayette, I have some things to share that I believe will help others move forward in their mission to bring their art to the world. Or, in the case of cities, to bring vibrancy and community back to downtown. And something that each of us is finding out now, community is what matters. We have been operating this way in Lafayette for 6 years.

In mid 2019, I began work on the Pop-Up Gallery Toolkit. This grew into the idea of consulting with other artists and cities about how to bring vibrancy to downtowns through arts and culture happenings. I still really believe in this model even if smaller gatherings augmented by online experiences need to be added since Covid 19. And these things are great additions. Stay tuned for the popuptoolkit.com site launching soon.

Our gallery in Lafayette

I made the decision to close the 850 sq. ft. storefront this month. It was an awesome experience! See the look-back video

The bank building that we took over in Feb. 2019, goes on for at least another year into 2021! We are all grateful for the landlord’s flexibility and enthusiasm for what we do. And we have a back log of exhibits and wonderful artists to share with you. Will it ever look like it did in this photo? What will the new shape be? We don’t know because we have never been here before. Get the clay out, we need to make a new shape!

Pop-up Art Gallery