List of Artist’s Names for Food Bank Fundraiser

It has been my experience that when artists are called to action, they respond. Last month, Katie Korotzer and I put together a fundraiser for the California Food Bank Association that raised over 3 times what we expected. Much of that was due to artists donating incentives for the donors. I want to recognize all the generous artists and donors that raised over $9,000.

Thank you!

Read more here;


East Bay Times here: https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2020/05/12/east-bay-artists-raise-over-9k-for-california-association-of-food-banks/

A list of our contributing artists:

Lorna Strotz

Jan Wurm

Jennifer Perlmutter

Lisa Hochstein

Jane Yuen Corich 

Sharon Paster

Pam McCauley

Carl Hayward

Donna Brown

Merl Ross

Karen Bada Thapa

Betsy Streeter

Margie Caldwell Gill

Claire Lerner

Colleen Giantiempo

Susan Richardson

Paula Valenzuela

Shannon Kaye

Marbled Paper

Kevin Tivenan

Dee Tivenan

Elise Marshall

Susan Erickson 

Christina Spann

Stephanie Thwaites

Bill Rushton

Lisa McElroy

Jill Landau

Pat Prosek


Danguole Rita Kuolas

Katy Kuhn


Clare Olivares

Irene Bee Kain

Merry Curran Gregg

Peter Foucalt

Amanda Danitschek

Valerie Corvin

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