What Borders are you willing to Cross?

Global Art Project

Special Event: Curator Carl Heyward on the GAP

September 5 through October 3, 2020

Hours: Weds.-Fri. 2-6 Sat. 12-6

Appointments welcome

Image Above: “A Long Way From Home” by Carl Heyward 14” x 17”, Mixed Media on wooden panel

Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery presents “CrossingBorders,” an immersive, diverse collection of artwork co-curated by Ron Weijers and founder of Global Art Project (GAP), Carl Heyward. Crossing Borders explores different interpretations of  borders, what we perceive and experience pertaining to immigration, thinking, and acceptance. A uniquely provocative experience with over 30 international artists.  


 is an international group of artists founded by Carl Heyward, Akiko Suzuki, Lorna Crane, Chaewon Oh, and Vered Gerseztenkorn in 2014 which seeks to make art universal and accessible to everyone. The artists of GAP work in mixed-media art practice, using what they have at hand, sometimes using fragments (frags) of canvas or found objects to construct something new that falls outside of traditional boundaries. GAP members  are arts administrators, gallerists, writers, educators and collectors united by a credo that stresses promotion of the creative intelligence of the international arts community.

“Risk is the enemy of Fear as is openness, flexibility, travel; an acquaintance with history. Love is the enemy of Hate. These are the Borders we are willing to cross… and you?” – Carl Heyward in GAP CrossingBorders booklet

“…Femicide in Mexico is growing, the faces of women are hidden and in abandonment, the voices of mothers do what they can, since the government does not give the necessary support. Many do not cross the border with life, women and girls, children and men looking for a better opportunity. The second part, the final collage, has written crossing borders, all the voi+ces that we want to express ourselves without borders. Fighting asking the same, right to life and natural resources. To the dignity and quality of life.” – Ana Gabiño GAP Member Mexico City.

“The intermingling of peoples from ‘foreign’ places enriches us in terms of art, science, literature, education and language in a reciprocal cross-pollination that enhances rather than contaminates, that stimulates what would otherwise become stagnant allowing the potential of growth and cultural evolution…

“Perhaps the most formidable BORDER to CROSS is that of fear and the voices that articulate distance and enact the worst instincts of human potential which limit and diminish us all.”

“CrossingBorders (A Long Way From Home) addresses the uncertainty of the immigrant, of any traveler, confronted with a system using artificial means of protecting or restricting access to the BORDER both intellectual, psychological, conceptual and physical as manifest in visa restrictions, border checks, detention centers, body searches, and hate speech… In the single  year since premiering CrossingBorders in Ghent, Belgium in a Medieval abbey at Campo-Santo we have witnessed poignant examples of public outrage and  mobilization in the form of the Black Lives Matter movement, insurrection prompted by Police violence, the rise of the alt-right, the excesses and baffling “logic” of the Trump  administration, the tragedy of  governmental neglect and indifference in Beirut and of course the Covid-19 Pandemic which has launched us into a new era of systemic re-evaluation. Those all represent Borders to acknowledge, confront and resolve. 
 Carl Heyward


Asya Abdrahman – USA, Nadi Adatepe – Norway, Maria Allocco – USA, Lynn Arnold – USA, Brian Auerbach – USA, Francis Beaty – USA, Stefano Cacciatore – Italy, Pat Calabro – USA, Mario Catalano – Italy, Linda Coppens – Belgium, John Crabtree – UK, Mar Daines – France, Abdellah El Haitout – Morocco, Gabriella Fakan – Hungary, Mikel Frank – USA, Ana Gabiño – Mexico, Bill Gian – USA, Colleen Gianatiempo – USA, Andréa D. Guerra – USA, Christopher Harrison – USA, Margot Hartford – USA, Carol Heft – USA, Carl Heyward – USA, Kent Heyward – USA, Jennifer Homer-Hynes -USA, Christopher Padgett Hunnicutt – USA, William Jaggers – USA, David Jenowe – USA, Sandee Johnson – USA, Annik Lepine – Belgium, Bea Last – Scotland, Monica Lisi – Italy, Carmelo (Pat) Marasciulo – Italy, Adrian Marcucci – Argentina, Elise Marshall – USA, Macha Melanie – France, Naomi Middlemann – Switzerland, Emmanuel C. Montoya – USA, Tina Morris – UK, Mohamed Ndiaye – Senegal, Massimo

 Nota – Italy, Helene Öfwerström – Sweden, Chaewon Oh – Rep. of Korea, Sarah O’Hala – USA, Susumu Ohira – Japan, Faserhaft Judith Pauly-Bender – Germany, Nancy Perry – USA, Lawrence J. Philp – USA, Compagnie Puls’Art – France, Robert Reed – USA, Glen Rogers – Mexico, Gregory J. Rose – USA, Marino Rossetti – Italy, Isabel Ruiz Perdiguero – Spain, Alvaro Sánchez – Guatemala, Usla Shukra – USA, Kate Simmons – USA, Violet Skipp – USA, Claude Smith – USA, Akiko Suzuki-Heyward – Japan/USA, Patrick Tagoe-Turkson – Ghana, Christine Verhaert – Belgium, Frans van Viegen – the Netherlands, Ron Weijers – the Netherlands, Syporca Whandal – Hungary, Heather Wilcoxon – USA, Matt Wolcott – USA, Madeleine Wories – USA, Dimitri Xato – Spain Herbert Siguenza -USA,

Na Omi Judy Sintani – USA, Echi Aberg -Sweden, Kari Manwiller – USA, JP Landis – USA, Kemit Amenophis – USA Compaigne Puls’ Art – France