Presented by Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery
Fine Art of Neon in Celebration of The Park Theater’s 80th Birthday

Featuring Bay Area Neon Artists, Bill Concannon, Ames Palms, Shawna Peterson


Exhibit Opens Oct. 14-Nov. 6 2021

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 11am-5pm

Masks required for entry

Private group showing available by appt.

Bird In a Ribcage by Ames Palms


Lafayette’s historic Park Theater and its iconic neon marquee is celebrating its 80th birthday this year so it is fitting that Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery presents an exhibit of neon art to recognize its much-loved vintage neighbor across the Plaza and draw community awareness and support for The Park Theater Trust’s mission to renew and reopen one of Lafayette’s architectural gems.



Distracted Love by Bill Concannon

“We want to show the incredible beauty and artistic range of a medium that can be easily overlooked and taken for granted. The new Park Theater will transform the downtown of Lafayette and neon will be an important part of the local landmark’s restoration.” – Jennifer P.

Located in the heart of Lafayette’s Historic Overlay district, the Streamline Moderne Park Theater is a well-known symbol of the Lafayette community. Designed in 1941 by renowned cinema architect William B. David, who built over 20 “sister” theaters throughout California and Oregon, the Park has been shuttered since 2005. An all-volunteer task force of citizens and community organizations created in 2018 by the City to seek out solutions for the property, ultimately grew into The Park Theater Trust (TPTT). With early financial support from the Lafayette Community Foundation and several private donors, generous pro bono support in key sectors, and unwavering encouragement from the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, the Lafayette City Council, and other significant local organizations, TPTT received its 501(c)3 tax status in February 2020. TPTT is now in contract to purchase the Park property with an anticipated year-end close and has recently launched its $8MM capital campaign to finalize the acquisition and begin the rehab.

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Working within an esoteric medium that melds the refined skills of master glass blowers with the science of neon gas, the 3 artists featured in October are part of a discreet but internationally known circle of working Bay Area neon artists passionate about their craft for decades. All 3 are highly respected artists producing fine art as well as signage, and restorations of vintage memorabilia.

Neon house by Ames Palms

Bill Concannon Bill Concannon has been working with neon since 1973, and has been creating set neon and visual effects neon for the motion picture industry since 1976. Bill has exhibited his neon works nationally and internationally, and has taught glass bending classes at the Pilchuck Glass School, the Academy of Art, and the Museum of Neon Art. /IG @dogma67[/caption]

Amy Palms

Amy Palms (She, They) was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Most every advantage Amy has acquired in life can be attributed to white privilege (as well as a good work ethic instilled by midwestern parents). Amy received a BFA from Alfred University in mixed media sculpture and has been making neon just about every day since 1995. They opened Rebel Neon Studios in 2019. / IG: @_neon_palms

Shawna Peterson

Shawna Peterson has been perfecting the art of tube bending for neon signs and sculptures for 30 years. Shawna started out sitting behind the front desk of a woman-owned neon shop and then began an apprenticeship with the encouragement of her boss and the neon tube bender there. She worked in several neon shops before opening her own operation in Oakland 20 years ago. Shawna’s neon artwork has been highlighted in local galleries including the Bedford Gallery, the Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, Transmission Gallery and with She Bends at the Museum of Neon Art . / IG @petersonneon

NeON presents an exciting array of sculptural and wall work, showing signature styles from all 3 artists.


Pinktaco, Concannon

Palms believes the future of neon is bright with the art’s recent boom in popularity. “LEDs are trying to take over the business,” she says. “So as long as there’s this popularity with neon and the retro feel, LEDs can’t match it. Otherwise I’m out of a job.”




PINK elephant studio shot

About The Park Theater Trust:

The mission of The Park Theater Trust is to restore and operate Lafayette’s iconic Park Theater building and revitalize it into an accessible and inclusive, community-centered cinema, arts and culture hub with programming that includes critically acclaimed films, throwback favorites, and engaging non-film events. Please visit for more information.


Early work moms cafe long beach 1975

Work In Progress, Shawna Peterson

Work In Progress, Shawna Peterson


Marquee, Shawna Peterson

Marquee, Shawna Peterson

Dress, Shawna Peterson

Dress, Shawna Peterson