Dee Tivenan

I create to connect.  I create art intuitively by translating the moment through color and form.  My process is an expressive art of allowing…allowing the moment and my connection to it to flow and reveal the boundlessness of creativity.  May my artwork be a source of upliftment, positivity, joy and beauty in people’s lives.  And, above all, may it inspire humanity to recall that creativity is an adventure of remembering the truth of who we are:  whole, healthy and wise.
My style of painting is Abstract Expression. I hope the paintings evoke some thoughts or feelings for you.  Even though my paintings are personal expressions, sharing the work is a privilege.
Dee Tivenan, Sunrise, 36x36x1.5


36 x 36 x 1.5 – $1,700

Dee Tivenan, the garden, 40x30

The Garden

40 x 30 – $1,500

Untitled Red, Dee Tivenan, 9x14

Untitled Red

9 x 14 – $135

Blooming Series, Dee Tivenan, 9x12

Blooming Series

9 x 12 – $150

Untitled Purple, Dee Tivenan, 9x12

Untitled Purple

9 x 12 – $150

River Flow, Dee Tivenan, 6x6

River Flow

6 x 6 – $85

Dee Tivenan, about the house on top, 36x36

About the House on Top

36 x 36 – $1,700

Untitled, Dee Tivenan, 9x9


9 x 9 – $135

Untitled Green & White, Dee Tivenan, 9x12

Untitled Green and White

9 x 12 – $150

Petite Paintings, Dee Tivenan, 6x6

Petite Paintings

6 x 6 – $85

Untitled Blue & White, Dee Tivenan, 6x6

Untitled Blue and White

6 x 6 – $85


3525 Mt Diablo Blvd.

Lafayette, CA 94549


Wed-Friday 1-5

Saturday 11-5


Studio 2 Millard Building
NW corner of Dolores and 6th


Open 7 Days a Week: 11–5