James Koskinas

James Koskinas is a painter, writer, actor and co-creator of the film, “The Twilight Angel,” as well as a play, “Even if The Mountains Burn.” He attended the College of Arts and Crafts, in Oakland, California and has more recently studied with artists with Bob Winston, Robert Burridge, and Dean Howell.

Currently James lives works, paints and writes in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Julie Schumer, also a painter.

The figure is James’ primary theme, part of his quest to know the human condition. He attempts to paint as automatically as possible which is intended to bring forth elements of his unconscious. He adds layers of paint until the original painting has been covered over many times, working at a rapid pace. He usually has more than one painting going at the same time. Influenced by Native American mythology, Koskinas sees the role of the artist as akin to that of a shaman, trusting his instincts and freeing the figure from the customary restraints that painting imposes.


Man in Black Field, 48 X 48, acrylic on canvas, 5700

Man in Black Field

48 x 48 – $5,700

Girl in Gray Field, 24 X 18, acrylic on canvas, 3100

Girl in Gray Field

24 x 18 – $3,100

Girl in Blue Dress III, 40 X 30, acrylic on canvas

Girl in Blue Dress

40 x 30 – $4,200

james koskinas, Girl on Purple Chair, 48 X 36, acrylic on canvas

Girl in Purple Chair

48 X 36 – $4,800

james koskinas, White Horse with Blue and Green Rider, 60 X 48, acrylic on canvas

White Horse with Blue and Green Rider

60 X 48 – $6,200

Horse with Black Rider V, 50 X 38, acrylic paper

Horse with Black Rider V

50 x 38 – $5,200

Victoria, Koskinas, 64.5 x 48, acrylic on canvas


64.5 x 48 – $6,100

james koskinas, Girl in Orange Chair, 51.5 X 37, acrylic canvas, framed 54 X 39.5

Girl in Orange Chair (Framed)

54 X 39.5 – $5,800

james koskinas, Girl with Blue IV, 48 X 36, acrylic canvas

Girl With Blue IV

48 X 36 – $4,800

james koskinas, Charlotte, 61 X 51, acrylic on canvas


61 X 51 – $6,200


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