Michael Rizza

Nature has inspired my work. People, animals, stone, bones, clouds and a kaleidoscope of many images blending in my minds eye. At times shapes and textures appear spontaneously developing into non-objective subjects. In either case I can visualize a finished piece.

Whether I create a bronze, carve a stone or develop a mixed media piece, the design must be true to the materials used. An excitement occurs when the form is finalized. The sculpture keeps evolving as each person sees something different and actually becomes a participant in its evolutions.

I do not design my sculptures to deliver a specific message. Instead, each piece will have its own message, as the viewer perceives it.

My hope is that the work will make a visual impact, induce a tendency to touch and evoke a general good feeling.


Rizza, Osso Verde, Jennifer Perlmutter

Osso Verde

8 x 8 x 6

rizza, atina, jennifer perlmutter


12 x 12 x 7

Rizza, Bruno Fiore, Jennifer Perlmutter

Bruno Fiore

13 x 6 x 4

Rizza, Ovatus, Jennifer Perlmutter


18 x 10 x 5 – $3,600

Rizza, Beauty in the Heart, Jennifer Perlmutter

Beauty in the Heart

22.5 x 8.5 x 4.5

Rizza, Desert Bliss, Jennifer Perlmutter

Desert Bliss

15 x 8 x 7

Rizza, Infinite Flower, Jennifer Perlmutter

Infinite Flower

11 x 16 x 5