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“Your class was wonderful and you are a terrific teacher.
I really learned a lot and enjoyed every minute. Am so excited
to do some more paintings and start to market myself in a more authentic way.”

Deborah, Los Angeles

“You’re a marvelous teacher and you took me to a whole new level.Thank you so much!” Cassie, Danville

“Thanks so much for providing such an inspirational day for all of us! It was not only fun, but you helped me get a new direction in my art” Jeanne, Napa

Next Level U Comes to you

Discover your Truth and Surrender to it.

Women artists are feeling called to higher purpose now more than ever. So I’ve created a laser-focused, small group workshop for female creatives to fire up artistic growth and accelerate learning over a long weekend.

In this exclusive, small group setting, each participant will also get a breakout, one-on-one creative coaching session. You’ll have a designated space  that will be a safe zone for exploring and trying new things while having support and guidance with practical painting technique. If you want to put on headphones and listen to music then do it! If you seek feedback and guidance during your sessions, you will have it.

The workshop begins with an introduction, a preview of what to expect, goals, and Q & A. You’ll get clear on your intentions and discover what others are after. This will be your opportunity to get specific about what you’re seeking and how I can support its achievement. You’ll set up your work space and get ready to begin the following morning.
On Saturday, beginning at 10am, you’ll warm up and a quick journal process to open up to yourself, to your muse, and to the world. You’ll have the ability to work on a table or on the wall or both, so you’re free to create the way that’s comfortable to you.

Explore new media from the studio including found objects and acrylic mediums. There will be a simple mono-print station for collage material-making.

After lunch, there will be a slide presentation and discussion of contemporary art.
For the remainder of the day, you’ll dive deep into your work, with frequent reference to our theme of truth and surrender. This day will conclude at 6pm.
On Sunday, beginning at 10am, we’ll share coffee and pastries with a group discussion about discoveries, challenges, and how we’re moving through. We’ll get our brushes wet for the next two hours and break for lunch.

Afterwards, you’ll take a break from your project and work with a live model for figure drawing. Experimentation with media and movement is encouraged!

You’ll get two more hours to focus on your intentions and maximize your creative energy. Then we’ll wind down with libations and group discussion, to finish at 7pm.

The Work

Abstract and non-objective painting is intuitive and expressive. This is a process-driven practice held together with your knowledge of composition, color, and willingness to let go and experiment. You will challenge yourself to use your most authentic original voice. I will emphasize this aspect of the training. Honing in on your unique perspective and understanding yourself better will be one of your biggest achievements.

Theme: Truth and Surrender

Over the last 20 years of exploring art and sharing it with others in nearly every way possible, I’ve learned there are two keys to creative success: Truth and Surrender. We will talk about these concepts, how to incorporate them in your expression, and allow them to guide you. You’ll work with these ideas using your medium of choice: watercolor, acrylic, pastel, collage, found objects, etc.


The workshop is limited to five artists in order to give you the most effective instruction, inspiration, and freedom to create. The gallery walls will be clear of any art. The windows will be covered in white paper for privacy. This intimate setting will help you feel comfortable to experiment while launching you into discovery.

With support and encouragement, honest feedback and inquiry, you will get to your truth. And from this safe and supported place, you can surrender to creating your best, most unique work.


Often when we leave the mountaintop of creative expression and return to the everyday, we lose traction. Our intentions for creating inner and outer change can be forgotten.

I will provide a one-hour phone or Skype call in the 30 days following the workshop to help you stay open, creative, and in touch with your muse.

About your Teacher – Jennifer Perlmutter click here


For full weekend as described above, including 1 hour personal coaching ($150.00 value) in art business, studio practice or techniques and application. $1200. Good for one month post-workshop.

Bring a friend and pay $900.


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