Patrick King

James Koskinas

Adam Shaw

William Rushton

Michael Rizza

Julie Schumer

Jacqueline Neuwirth

    Learn the fundamentals of drawing the human face and body, essential skill for painting and illustration. In this class you will learn how to draw using pencils and ink, practice different techniques so you can find what works for you. By the end of the class you...

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Response Poem by Donna Kaulkin

On July 1st, Amy Glynn guided a handful of curious writers and artists to spend time writing response poetry and prose to a painting or sculpture in the gallery. This is Donna Kaulkin's response to Adam Shaw's oil, No Self No Other 66x60" Who by Donna Kaulkin I. Flesh...

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Bay Area artists. Abstract paintings, stone and ceramic

L to R: Rose Anne Critchfield, Merl Ross, Kristi Kohut, Victoria Huckins, Jacqueline Neuwirth, Julie Schumer It's hot! Yeah, no kidding. But it's very cool in the gallery and the eye candy will quench your thirst. 😉 This Summer take some time out of your busy...

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Surreal Exhibit

Featuring: Tom Gehrig, Carol Aust, Catherine Moore and Emily Maddigan. Artist reception: August 2, 2018 6 PM - 8 PM Surreal This August we feature the work of Bay Area artist, Tom Gehrig in an exhibit paying tribute to Surreal art. In times when truth is stranger than...

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Writing About What You See: Workshop with Amy Glynn

Sunday, July 1, 1PM-3PM $25.00 pay at the door - RSVP With poet and author, Amy Glynn An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art. Through the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on the...

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T R A N S I T 1 8 N S

Exhibiting June through July Transitioning from Spring to Summer, this June and July, our group show will feature abstracts and figurative, sculpture and scale. The show will shift and change throughout the 2 months as art sells and artists deliver new work. If you...

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Conversation with Artist Adam Shaw

Thursday June, 7th, 2018 7PM-8:30PM   Join us for conversation with artist Adam Shaw. A life long artist, Adam's path to present is diverse. From having his own medical practice, living abroad, poetry, gallery representation, and now experimenting in mixed media with...

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