Artist Support Level 1 – Individual sessions


Artist Support is for the nearly full-time artist struggling to present to galleries and/or self-represent his or her art. It can be overwhelming at the beginning. In this series of 3 levels of artist support, you have the benefit of all of my mistakes as a self-represented and gallery artist. As well as my current position as curator, business owner, artist and gallery owner.

This is the program that will get you going.  Sharing, writing about and presenting your work to the public. Your visibility in the art world will be key to your success and you want to step out with your best foot forward. Please feel free to email me if you have questions.



Hourly consult – $150/hr

(3 hrs package – $400/3 hrs)

Level 1 –  3 hour support package $400

30 minute initial consult to assess individual needs. (No Charge)


1 hour onsite visit to your studio to see your work and process.

Feedback on current body of work – Comments and overall feedback in writing and references benefiting your growth as a professional fine artist.

Meet-up to go over assessment in gallery or onsite. Plan for next steps.

 Website Package and artist video also available. Sold separately. For details please make appt. with Jennifer Perlmutter (925)284-1485.

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