Artist Support Level II


This level will go in depth about presentation of your work and answer the nitty gritty questions of the gallery world and self- representation. These fields are always changing and although there are some rules, innovation and creativity is always welcome. This is to your advantage as artists. Let’s discover how your unique voice can be heard above all the noise!



Level 2 -Presentation and Gallery standards (Nitty Gritty) $1000.


2 hr.,  one on one consult regarding gallery practices.

ResourcesVerifiable resource team (the team that helps me prepare and manage my website, content, photography etc.) for your use.  This is prepared as a resource list.

Ins and outs of professional presentation of your work.

Advice on the photography,  fine art reproduction and licensing.

How and where to list your work online for sale.

Best odds for gallery representation

Self-produced shows and venues for your work.

Documentation, receipts and tracking of your original artwork. Client Database.

Written content – Artist Statement, Bio, CV, Blog and Social Media overview. Many artists get stuck here. I will work you through the first steps and drafts to get you started.

 Website Package and artist video also available. Sold separately. For details please make appt. with Jennifer Perlmutter (925)284-1485.

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