Helen Frankenthaler Lecture and Demo


Thursday, March 16, 2017
6:30 Viewing of historical timeline
7 – 9 Interactive talk and painting demonstration by Julie Cohn


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Through the Eyes Of A Master; Art history and and demo by Julie Cohn


Who was Helen Frankenthaler?

How did she, in her own dynamic and creative
way not only forge a new path of art
but also encourage a freedom in both painting
and life? Learn about her inspirations and
her individuality, which conveyed to the art
world a new and vibrant approach to art making,
launching an entirely new view of our world through the eyes of color field, abstract, and
nonobjective painting. Julie will distinguish the difference between Frankenthaler’s
evolving styles and will paint a large watercolor
on paper that is wrapped around a canvas. Her inspiration will be this featured artist.

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