Next Level Private Hour


One hour private coaching for Next Level Founding Group – by invitation only.



What is your next art hurdle or project that needs some polish or feedback? 

I will be offering coaching and feedback sessions one-on-one in the gallery this Summer on select Fridays. 

We can go over anything you decide you need help with. Over the years I have helped artists overcome obstacles in the studio, the gallery, and with potential clients. 

If you are still looking for the basic ideas of what constitutes being “ready” to show your work or if you are only interested in becoming better and more developed in your work, that’s fine too.

Next Level You –  private, one hour Friday sessions –  89.00. (150.00 value)  this price is for the group listed here and will strictly be for the one hour Friday sessions in the Summer.

Everyone that enrolls in the private one hour Friday session will be invited to the upcoming group sessions at no charge. I want to work with artists that are committed to going further and offering their gifts at the highest level they can achieve. 

As long as we have enough interest, group gatherings will be casual, BYOsnacks style, every 2 months in the gallery after the Summer months and structured to give you all a chance to re-connect and share struggles and triumphs. Non-coaching artists can still stay on the list if requested and attend gatherings for a small fee.

Some help areas that could be covered in one hour private Friday Sessions:

  • Website review and written feedback
  • Artist Statement writing, revision or feedback
  • Galleries
  • Online platforms
  • Relationships in the “Art World”
  • Growing your list
  • Social Media
  • Sales
    • licensing
    • publishing
    • commission contracts
    • consignment contracts
  • Portfolio Review
    • Genre
    • Presentation
    • Suggestions to improve
    • Critical feedback

Review your game plan or help you get started with one.

Asking and seeking help for offering my gifts to the world, was the best decision I ever made! I hired a coach and work with her weekly. This commitment has changed my life and my revenue. 

Avail Fridays 11am-12p, 12-1pm, 1p-2p, 4p-5p

July 7, 14, 21

August 4, 11, 18

This is meant to encourage you to NOT cancel on yourself!

Artists, you all have a mission, wether or not you come to me for guidance, someone else or go it alone, I wish you success and love. 

Again, if professional guidance is not for you, I encourage you to find an art buddy and “polish what ya got!” Your art is calling!

Cheers and have a great Summer!

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