Zen of Sketching with Trina Swerdlow


“The Zen of Sketching is a method of connecting to the subject one is drawing by practicing meditative breathing and “mindful seeing”. The purpose is to slow down, balance our breathing and become truly present to the essence of that which we are sketching….

Learning to quiet the “Inner Critic” is an important part of this process. When we tame the inner critic we are inviting a clear passage for creativity to flow.” – Trina Swerdlow

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An inspiring sketching workshop that combines meditation with drawing. For adults with no art experience or for experienced artists who want to bring more mindfulness to their art..

Trina Swerdlow, BFA, CCHT, Artist, Author and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, is an artist and the author of Stress Reduction Journal—Meditate and Journal Your Way to Better Health. She currently has a private practice in Danville where she offers creative tools for personal and professional transformation.  Trina also writes the column, “Transformations”, for ALIVE magazine.

When: Sunday, Aug 17th: 12:30 to 3 pm

Fee: $45 (includes all drawing materials)


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