Doug Heine

“I have spent my life making objects. From reactor plants in nuclear submarines, to scientific apparatus such as super-conducting magnets for cosmic ray research, to fine art.

I have pursued the making of art all my life but took it up religiously 35 years ago and have, ever since, followed my curiosity about ideas, themes and the variety of methods and materials.

Constants and Variables

There are some constants, at least in attitude, about my making art:

    • the beauty of form
    • problem-solving
    • one-of-a-kind creation

I have never felt the need to restrict myself to one form or another, any more than listening to one type of music. And in that constant, there is variable. Each design challenge has its particular set of restrictions and opportunities, leading me toward a solution that is unique and specific to location, aesthetic, material and spirit. If I am true to the beauty of form, that harmony remains constant, whether the music is classical or improvisational jazz.”

-Doug Heine