Jacqueline Neuwirth

Growing up outside New York City, the colors, tastes and textures of Manhattan’s diverse neighborhoods offered early inspiration. I studied at Parsons, Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I then completed my BFA at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts and Tufts University and moved West to pursue graduate work at San Francisco State University.

I have exhibited in galleries across the United States including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery and Art Expo New York.

In my most recent work, I incorporates my love of luminous color and symbolic narrative. New Work draws on rich metaphors in nature. Several canvases explore the beauty, strength and fragility of hummingbirds. The Buffalo and Elk series are reminicent of Paleolithic cave paintings whose primal shapes connect us to our distant past of survival and exploration and remind us of early humans capacity to interpret and give meaning to their surroundings. The animals in this series, comprise species that would have been hunted and eaten (such as deer, bison and elk). They are often represented in profile and standing in an alert and energetic stance, and aim to evoke the mythic quality within each animal. The Lotus paintings resonate with deeper meaning. One could say they represent a calling – to provide a space for spiritual expression and to bring unexpected beauty from the moist soil of everyday life. In the Colorfield paintings, where solid areas of color cover the entire canvas, I explore the atmospheric effects of expanses of color, often with a horizon line, and by suggestion, beyond it to infinity.

Jacqueline Neuwirth