Kurt Weber

Kurt O. Weber leaves a legacy of oils, mixed-media, gouaches, pastels, engravings and drawings which are on exhibition and available for sale.  He was born in 1938 in Zurich.  He began his studies at the Art Academy in Zurich and then completed his studies at the Ecole de Paris in France.

He travelled extensively in which he derived great inspiration spanding the open spaces of the American landscape to the acute angles of the Aztec temples.  His early oil paintings are done partly in Europe and the United States. These works are characterized by greys with umber and blue intonations as well as from massive form constructions.  Human forms made from tubes and steel cubes reference his themes of the human condition which have been devasted by monotonous work and debilating environmental forces.  On the other hand, landscapes are enhanced with light and color which seem to point to the direction of resurection and life affirming beauty.

In the works after 1970 everything undergoes a drastic change and color becomes the entire expression of the painting- exploding, screaming and spaceshifting.