Mary Oros, Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery

Mary Oros

“I’m most like an abstract expressionist in that my work starts in response to a feeling. The feeling informs my visual direction at which point I start drawing the form that’s in my mind. When I’ve hit on a drawing that feels right, I’ll work it until it makes sculptural sense, and then get into my armature and materials asap. I’m a hands on designer so new directions sometimes happen as I go along, but my goal is to always maintain the immediacy and essence of the initial drawing.

I make ‘ traditional ‘ sculpture in the sense that it’s important to me that it works well in the round. I want to walk around the piece and feel a continuum, so that anywhere I pause the expression is clear.

My building process is dictated by the form and both are continually evolving. I not only design the piece, I design the process to build it.”

-Mary Oros