River Huston

“Painting is what saves me from sleepless nights, the IRS, hair in inappropriate places, untimely deaths, and enormous amounts of illicit drugs.” River Huston is an award-winning poet, journalist, performer and activist. She has traveled throughout the world speaking at conferences and colleges on issues related to HIV/AIDS, suxuality, self-esteem, alcohol abuse and body image. Huston has authored 2 books of poetry and was awarded the Dorthea Lange/Paul Taylor award for “A Positive Life: Portraits of Women Living With HIV”.

Her paintings are stunning abstracts of a life lived full of texture and self discovery. Recently transplanted from Mexico and now ensconced in a studio property North of St. Helena, River’s large scale abstracts draw us in beyond the surface to subtle nuanced form and story. Her work is executed outside, taking on the elements and organic matter from her surroundings. Overall the rich surface holds beauty and mystery. Large scale work can be seen  in both galleries.

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