Artist,Victoria Huckins


Victoria was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to the United States as a young child. She showed an early fascination with art. This attraction to the arts initially led her to pursue careers in the fashion industry and interior design. She eventually returned to her early interest in painting. Her roots come from the diverse cultures of Spain, China, Japan and India. Her work sometimes represents these cultures as well as experiences from my daily life. She experiments with different media. Her immediate living environment, an old avocado grove in a rural area of northern San Diego, is a great source of inspiration.


My art reflects my subconscious thoughts and inspirations. I do not have a preconceived image or idea in mind at the outset. I start most of my paintings with texture then add color and shapes somewhat at random. This triggers an imaginative process as I react to what is happening naturally within the piece. I develop a more fixed vision of the final piece as work on it progresses. Using a variety of materials, including acrylics, oils, pencils, ink, found objects, and remnants of magazine articles and books, I then make a more conscious effort to move in a particular direction until I reach what seems to me the point of completion.


An example of Huckins' un-streched canvas with grummets on four corners.

An example of Huckins’ un-streched canvas with grommets on four corners.

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