Art History Lecture on Alexander Calder

Art History Lecture on Alexander Calder

Through The Eyes of the Masters with Julie Cohn March 31st 7pm-9pm Wine and nosh 7- lecture 7:30ish 20. tickets here In her series called  Through the Eyes of Masters  A whole new way of looking at the world, Artist and Art Historian, Julie Cohn, will share with you...
Kurt Oskar Weber /  Boundless

Kurt Oskar Weber / Boundless

Opening Reception Thursday March 24th 7pm-9pm We are  pleased to present our featured artist for March, Kurt Oskar Weber (1938 – 2011). Co-curator, Katherine Cook, trustee of the late artist’s work, brings us original oils from a period of time when the Swiss born...
Flesh and Mind

Flesh and Mind

Above, mixed media, 36 x 36, collage and acrylic by Jennifer Perlmutter   Feedback This excerpt from collector after having my new painting in her home for a couple weeks….great to read as the work left the studio so quickly after creating it, I didn’t...

Expression of the Heart

In my studio last week for the first time in what felt like a very long time. Too much in my head with my attempt to express and create art that I thought represented me. SCREEEEeeech! Thinking never gets me anywhere and I should have known that but I forget my...

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